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RE: Can't get rlogin,ftp or telnet to connect

    Glad to hear that someone else is having the same problem.  This
prompted me to investigate.

  It turns out that Win2K's telnet and ftp programs are new but not
necessarily improved.  Every other telnet and ftp that I tried,
including NT4, Solaris, OSF/1, work fine, but Win2K's versions fail as
described.  I solved the problem by using cygwin's ftp and telnet from
my Win2K box.  If you don't have Cygwin installed on your Win2K box and
(for some unfathomable reason  ;-) don't want it, then just create
C:\cyg and put ftp.exe, telnet.exe, and cygwin1.dll into it.  Then just
'cd /d C:\cyg' and ftp or telnet away!



> From: john ware []
> Hi all,
>     When I try to use any of the above I get: Connection 
> refused. Telnet
> is slightly different, it connects then reports that: 
> connection closed
> by foreign host.
> I'm just trying to connect to the host I'm running on because I
> currently don't have a net to try it on.  I assume the 
> results would be
> the same if I had cygwin on another host.
> I've read the inetd-1.3.2.README and login.README and done what they
> say(I think).
> I'm using win2k and the  latest cygwin from about 2 weeks ago.
> I created a nt user for ftp and /home/ftp directory exists.
> I've attached my passwd and the output of cygcheck.
> any help would be gladly received
> john ware

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