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Re: How to make an extension of Python


On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 03:41:13PM +0900, Mitsuo Igarashi wrote:
> I am trying to make an extension of Python-2.0 in Cygwin 1.1.4
> on Windows98 for my trainig.

I have created a patch that builds Cygwin Python with its core as
a DLL -- similar to way that one builds Win32 Python.  After applying
my patch and building Cygwin Python, making Cygwin Python extensions
uses the same procedure as on any other UNIX platform that supports
shared libraries.  It's as easy as copying Misc/,
creating a file, make -f boot, make.

The patch is done and ready to be posted.  What's holding me up is
formulating a cogent email since I'm looking for feedback on my patch.
My goal is to ultimately submit the patch (redone against Python CVS)
to the Python patch collector.  I am hoping interested people will help
me refine my patch before submittal.

I will be posting my patch to the Cygwin and Python lists within the
next week.  If you can't wait, then I can email it to you personally.


Jason Tishler
Director, Software Engineering       Phone: +1 (732) 264-8770 x235
Dot Hill Systems Corporation         Fax:   +1 (732) 264-8798
82 Bethany Road, Suite 7             Email:
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