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Re: Cygnus question

On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 04:50:02PM -0700, Scott Carter wrote:
>I'm not a unix expert, nor a Windows expert, but I don't think David's
>statements are all  correct. In unix, as I understand it (and as David
>stated), it is the shell (bash, csh, ksh, ...) that does the filename
>expansion on the b* argument in 
>ls b*
>The shell passes that expansion to ls on the command line (unless the
>expansion is empty, in which case the shell just passes the b*).
>If you have cygwin installed on a WinNT machine (with the cygwin bin
>directory in the PATH), you can run the cygwin ls command from the WinNT
>command prompt, and it works, the same as it does from a cygwin bash prompt.
>But I'm pretty sure that the WinNT shell (cmd.exe) does NOT expand b*.  If
>that is true, ls must read the b* from the command line and (likely) pass it
>to a function which does the expansion. And I suspect that the function is
>located in the cygwin1.dll, and that it, in turn, calls a windows function,
>which is case insensitive. If that is true, the cygwin function would have
>to do extra work to force case sensitivity. [semi-educated speculation]
>So it seems to me that it would be possible to make ls case insensitive in
>Whether or not it's a good idea, and how easily it could be done, is a
>different issue.

Cygwin does wildcard translation on the command line when a program is
run directly from a Windows command shell.  It does this prior to starting
the program just like bash.

There are no facilities in cygwin for case insensitive globbing currently
and I have no plans or desires to add this.  If someone is interested
(hah) in providing a patch, I'll gladly consider it.


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