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Serial Support?

Hello, folks! I've looked everywhere, but I haven't
been able to yet find an answer to this simple
problem: I'd like to read in lines of canonical input
from the serial port under Windows using cygwin. I
wrote some code for Linux that worked fabulously
(courtesy the Serial-Programming HOWTO) and I thought
I could just change /dev/ttyS0 to COM1 and be all set.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work - I'm not able to read
in text from the GPS unit over COM1.

All that I was able to find on the web were a few
people asking effectively the same thing and not
getting answered. This isn't very fancy - I'm just
looking for a way to grab a line of text from the
serial port! =)

Ideally, the code would be cross-platform, with just a
block like this at the top:

#ifdef WIN32
#define SERIALPORT "/dev/ttyS0"

Any ideas?


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