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problem installing postgres

i m trying to install postgres on win98 ...that is why cant use the made up
i m getting this config file ..please help me sir..its very
important for me..i know its annoying and stupid but i m a newbie to this ...

configure:6268: readline.h: No such file or directory
configure:6303: checking for filename_completion_function
configure:6393: checking for getopt_long
configure:6447: checking for finite
configure:6456: gcc -o conftest -O2   -I/usr/local/include   -L/usr/local/lib
conftest.c -lcrypt -lm -ltermcap -lcygipc 1>&5
configure:6471: checking for sigsetjmp
configure:6480: gcc -o conftest -O2   -I/usr/local/include   -L/usr/local/lib
conftest.c -lcrypt -lm -ltermcap -lcygipc 1>&5
configure:6497: checking whether 'long int' is 64 bits
configure:6530: gcc -o conftest -O2   -I/usr/local/include   -L/usr/local/lib
conftest.c -lcrypt -lm -ltermcap -lcygipc 1>&5
configure: failed program was:
#line 6502 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"
typedef long int int64;

/* These are globals to discourage the compiler from folding all the
 * arithmetic tests down to compile-time constants.
int64 a = 20000001;
int64 b = 40000005;

int does_int64_work()
  int64 c,d;

  if (sizeof(int64) != 8)
    return 0;			/* doesn't look like the right size */

  /* Do perfunctory checks to see if 64-bit arithmetic seems to work */
  c = a * b;
  d = (c + b) / b;
  if (d != a+1)
    return 0;
  return 1;
main() {
  exit(! does_int64_work());
configure:6551: checking whether 'long long int' is 64 bits
configure:6584: gcc -o conftest -O2   -I/usr/local/include   -L/usr/local/lib
conftest.c -lcrypt -lm -ltermcap -lcygipc 1>&5
configure:6607: checking whether snprintf handles 'long long int' as %lld
configure:6643: gcc -o conftest -O2   -I/usr/local/include   -L/usr/local/lib
conftest.c -lcrypt -lm -ltermcap -lcygipc 1>&5
configure:6732: checking alignment of short
configure:6772: checking alignment of int
configure:6812: checking alignment of long
configure:6853: checking alignment of long long int
configure:6894: checking alignment of double
configure:6956: checking for POSIX signal interface
configure:6968: gcc -o conftest -O2   -I/usr/local/include   -L/usr/local/lib
conftest.c -lcrypt -lm -ltermcap -lcygipc 1>&5
configure: In function `main':
configure:6963: `SA_RESTART' undeclared (first use in this function)
configure:6963: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
configure:6963: for each function it appears in.)
configure: failed program was:
#line 6958 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"
#include <signal.h>
int main() {
struct sigaction act, oact;
act.sa_flags = SA_RESTART;
sigaction(0, &act, &oact);
; return 0; }
configure:6992: checking for tclsh
configure:7029: checking for tcl

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