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RE: AW: AW: Starting Programms in the background

This may sound like a stupid question, but have you tried simply
"winword <filename>"?  I believe that Word uses CreateProcess to spawn
its own master process (WinMain()), so you shouldn't need to background
it.  In fact, it may be the process launcher (main()) that you're
hanging in the background.  If you try "winword <filename>" from
cmd.exe, then you can exit cmd.exe while Word is still running, so it
may work from bash, too.

I just tried this with notepad and wordpad, and both detach from
cmd.exe but not from bash, so this may not work, but it's still worth a



> From: []
> Hmmm, first i have tried the B20-version.
> if i call "runwinword.exe <filename> or "run winword.exe 
> <filename> the
> winword-start-logo shortly appears but then no winword. But 
> if i look into
> the NT-Taskmanager then there is a new winword-process and 
> the <filename>
> is locked by it. the winword.exe resides in the same 
> directory as run.exe
> (or runwinword.exe) but it is a link to the real winword-program!
> if i try use the native version (or to recompile the native 
> version with vc)
> i get a run.exe but with this version i always get a 
> mysterious error-dialog:
> "16-Bit-MS-DOS-Teilsystem" (german title of the dialog):
> d:\home\bin\winword.exe (the symbolic link!)
> The NTVDM-CPU has detected an invalid command
> CS:0744 IP:20e1 OP:63 68 74 20 7a
> Tries with nolinks winword.exe´s also fail.
> Klaus
> >I believe the B20 executable will work, or you can just 
> recompile since
> >the source code is included in the same package with the binaries.
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