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DLL problems with cygwin XEmacs binary kit

The XEmacs-21.1.12 binary kit for cygwin, available from or its mirrors, was compiled to use the 'old'
cygwin dlls for libtiff, libjpeg, and libz.  Thus, if your system uses
the latest cygwin versions of these packages, XEmacs will not work and
will fail with the following message:

Dynamic library "libtiff.dll" not found

or something similar.  To correct this, one can either rebuild XEmacs to
link with the new dlls (*), OR you may download the following 'patch
kit' which contains the old dlls:

(*) The dll names have changed; that is OLD=libtiff.dll
NEW=cygtiff3.dll.  However, the import lib remains the same:
libtiff.dll.a.  Thus, there are no changes needed in the XEmacs source
to link with the "new" dll's: -ltiff will use (the new) libtiff.dll.a,
which in turn causes cygtiff3.dll to be added as a dependency.

To install the 'patch kit', cd to /usr/bin and unpack it:

cd /usr/bin
tar xvzf <path>/old-dlls.tar.gz

I do NOT recommend this for long-term use -- the point of changing the
dll names was to avoid conflicts with native dlls with the same name;
adding the old-dlls back in on a permanent basis just makes it that much
worse.  Eventually another binary kit (21.1.13?) will come out and if it
is built on an "up-to-date" cygwin it will use the new dlls.  So, this
fix is just a temporary necessity -- and only required if you use the
binary kit for cygwin-XEmacs-21.1.12.


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