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Shell Script and DOS path

  I have a shell script that is copying files to a DOS directory, this is to
check files out of Microsoft's VSS program and prepare the files for build
scripts, I am trying to use a utility on a shared network drive to change
the contents of one of the files.  The file takes the parameters

  utility.exe {original file name}  {output file name}

  I've mounted the network drive, since its static in our environment, and
can run the utility in the Bash shell using the DOS paths as long as they
are escaped, however, when I try to do the same in the Shell script using a
substitution for the variable {dos_path} I get the following error:

/r/Utilities/utility.exe {dos_path}\\folder\\folder\\file.inf
{dos_path}\\folder\\folder\\new_file.inf: not found

  I can see the file path appear correctly if I run in debug mode.  I'm
trying to understand if this is a DOS path problem, or the way the
parameters are being sent.  Has anyone tried anything similar with success?



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