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AW: AW: AW: Starting Programms in the background

Hmmm, first i have tried the B20-version.

if i call "runwinword.exe <filename> or "run winword.exe <filename> the
winword-start-logo shortly appears but then no winword. But if i look into
the NT-Taskmanager then there is a new winword-process and the <filename>
is locked by it. the winword.exe resides in the same directory as run.exe
(or runwinword.exe) but it is a link to the real winword-program!

if i try use the native version (or to recompile the native version with vc)
i get a run.exe but with this version i always get a mysterious error-dialog:
"16-Bit-MS-DOS-Teilsystem" (german title of the dialog):
d:\home\bin\winword.exe (the symbolic link!)
The NTVDM-CPU has detected an invalid command
CS:0744 IP:20e1 OP:63 68 74 20 7a

Tries with nolinks winword.exe´s also fail.


>I believe the B20 executable will work, or you can just recompile since
>the source code is included in the same package with the binaries.

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