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Call from VC++ application into cygwin-compiled dll crashes in NTDLL.DLL

Hi all,

I trying to call some function in cygwin-compiled dll from VC++ app. This 
function in turn call socket() that leads to an AV in NTDLL.DLL (see stack 
below). PLease note that HFSDKPROXY is the cygwin-compiled dll dynamically 
loaded in runtime. Dll was prepared using the recipes from If someone knows 
possible cause for this or even some way to cure/workaround this please help 



NTDLL! RtlpWaitForCriticalSection + 96 bytes
NTDLL! ZwAllocateVirtualMemory + 20 bytes
CYGWIN1! socket + 31 bytes
HFSDKPROXY! hfOpenServer + 20 bytes
_STL::basic_string<char,_STL::char_traits<char>,_STL::allocator<char> > & 
{...}) line 37 + 19 bytes
CMainApp::parseString() line 210
CMainApp::init(Tcl_Interp * 0x001524c4) line 37
MAMVRS_TK! RImage::RImage(class RImage const &) + 22567 bytes
main(int 0x00000002, char * * 0x022213a0) line 9
mainCRTStartup() line 206 + 25 bytes
KERNEL32! GetCommandLineW + 2345 bytes

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