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Re: libtiff.dll

Thanks for the tips.

In order to get the precompiled Xemacs to run I needed


Unfortunately, I didn't notice those instructions, and it wouldn't have
registered anyway. I installed the binary kit distribution of xemacs. So I
was not sure which dll's it required.

Thanks again for the help.
John Ehrlinger

----- Original Message -----
From: "Charles S. Wilson"
To: "John Ehrlinger" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2000 10:49 AM
Subject: Re: libtiff.dll

> John Ehrlinger wrote:
> >
> > I've just upgraded my cygwin system, and now I'm getting messages that
> > xemacs can't find libtiff.dll in the path. Has something changed in
> > with the latest flurry of package updates?
> Yes.  I'll quote the second paragraph of the announcement:
> - dll is now called 'cygtiff3.dll' to avoid naming conflicts dlls from
> other platforms. If you have an application that depends on libtiff.dll,
> you must either recompile so that the app depends on cygtiff3.dll, or
> take special steps to preserve libtiff.dll (see below).  Hopefully this
> short-term inconvenience will reduce long-term difficulties.
> And in the INSTALLATION section:
> Since setup will uninstall the old version, if you want to preserve
> /usr/bin/libtiff.dll, do:
>    'cp /usr/bin/libtiff.dll /usr/bin/libtiff.dll.bak'
> BEFORE continuing.  AFTER running setup.exe, do:
>    'cp /usr/bin/libtiff.dll.bak /usr/bin/libtiff.dll'
> (yes, I know this is obvious; I just wanted to emphasize that there is
> no automated way of doing it)
> Since you already updated without reading this announcement or
> preserving your old libtiff.dll, you'll have to manually download
> tiff-3.5.5-2.tar.gz, unpack it somewhere (NOT from /) and copy
> "libtiff.dll" into /usr/bin.
> --Chuck

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