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Re: Starting Programms in the background

Corinna Vinschen wrote

> wrote:
>> If i start a program in the background from bash (e.g. "winword.exe
<document> &") then
>> all is working fine. But if i try to exit from the bash-shell from which
i have started the program
>> before i have finished the program then bash writes "logout" but doesn't
terminate until i terminate
>> all previous started programs.
> How can this be avoided, means how to exit bash regardless of any still
running background programs?
>Never, I fear. It sounds as if you are running some 9X system. It's
>a problem of all 9X console windows that you can't close the window
>unless all child processes are killed. If you want to run daemons
>invisible you'll have to start them by using a shortcut with the
>minimized state set.
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>Cygwin Developer              
>Red Hat, Inc.

On my win98 machine, one can start winword from a DOS box and
exit the DOS box before exiting winword.  bash behaves as described above,
whether or not "&" is used.  However, from bash I can launch winword using
the start command (c:\windows\command\start.exe) and then exit bash.  This
is probably because start.exe exits after launching winword.  I didn't see a
difference between launching winword.exe and winword.lnk.  "&" makes no
difference.  One can control how the program opens and whether start exits

500 /cygdrive/c> start /?
Runs a Windows program or an MS-DOS program.

START [options] program [arg...]
START [options] document.ext

/m[inimized] Run the new program minimized (in the background).
/max[imized] Run the new program maximized (in the foreground).
/r[estored]  Run the new program restored (in the foreground). [default]
/w[ait]      Does not return until the other program exits.
501 /cygdrive/c>

Of course you can just start winword the windows way.

- Barry Buchbinder

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