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Re: AW: Starting Programms in the background

>Bjoern Kahl AG Resy wrote:
>> On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> > wrote:
>> > > > > How can this be avoided, means how to exit bash regardless
>> > > > of any still running background programs?
>> > You're right, it happens on NT as well when starting
>> > background processes from the console window. This does not happen when
>> > starting background processes from a remote session via telnet/ssh.
>> > Unfortunately you can't start GUI processes from a remote session.
>>  Hi!
>>  Just tried it too:
>>  bash exits cleanly, but the console-window stays open.
>>  (Tried
>>   bash> knews &
>>   <Ctrl-D>
>>   -> "ps" doesnt show the bash any longer,
>>      "knews" PPID get set to "1")
>>  Question:
>>  How to disconnect from controlling terminal under cygwin?
>>  There seems no ioctl defined to do that. (looked for some weeks ago).
>	setsid(2)
>>  Maybe the console-window goes away, if a small wrapper is used, that
>>  disconnects from controlling tty and closes all io-channels to the
>>  terminal (stdin,stdout,stderr), then exec()s the real app.
>That doesn't help in the console window, only in remote sessions.
>The daemons already do that and nohup(1) - which is that wrapper -
>doesn't help either in the console window.
>I'm somewhat surprised. I'm using remote sessions all the time and
>I'm starting my daemons as services so I didn't realize that problem
>in NT before.

 I don't know what function in cygwin is used to start a new
program from the bash prompt. But CreateProcess() with the
parameter/flag DETACHED_PROCESS should create the new process
detached from the console. But I don't know if that is only
the contact with sdtin/stdout or if it also includes that the
process is not a child of the console. Long time since I
played with CreateProcess().

 Jens Yllman

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