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Re: latest cygwin does not track pwd?

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 11:31:08PM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
> >Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >cwd =
> >
> >just as Richard Kim says.  The code for Cwd::cwd on cygwin is
> >implemented by <perl-src>/cygwin.c -- but I don't know why it's
> >failing.  Patches gratefully accepted (and archived -- I'm not planning
> >to release a new perl build myself until 5.6.1 comes out; and probably
> >not even then if a third party takes the initiative...
> The problem is that it looks like perl is calling getcwd like this:
> getcwd (NULL, 0);

The standards documentation explicitly states to not do this.

> and cygwin is returning a NULL, as is mandated by both the Single Unix
> Specification and the linux man page.  1.1.4 allowed zero length length
> arguments but that was a bug that I fixed in 1.1.5.

Let the fix stand and allow the ports to adapt.

> I had no idea that people were relying on the bug.
> I'm not sure what to do about this.  I am loathe to accomodate a bug
> like this but I don't want to force a new perl release or endure to the
> next two years of "I cygwined my perl 1.1.[5-9] and it am broke" messages
> either.

I'd rather see this than live with a known bug.  We don't need to be "Bugward
Compatible" ((tm) Akim Demaille).


Earnie Boyd

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