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[avail for test] cvs-1.11.0-1

cvs-1.11.0-1 is ready for testing at       

(not using sourceware for test releases -- it's hard for folks to get
them from the private directories since they're not mirrored).

Changes from 1.10.8-2

o updated to the 1.11 source
o requires gdbm-1.8.0-3

o wrote new wrapper code, so that database access uses only a single
gdbm-file, not two synchronized ndbm-style .pag/.dir files.  Hopefully,
this means that you can now host a repository on Win9x -- but I can't
test that myself.

This means that if you have been using cvs-1.10.8 previously on WinNT
and have been hosting a local repository, you MUST convert the
modules.pag/modules.dir and val-tags.pag/val-tags.dir files in
${CVSROOT}/CVSROOT (if they exist) to modules.db and val-tags.db.  Use
this script:

  conv2gdbm modules modules.db
  conv2gdbm val-tags val-tags.db

Supposedly, conv2gdbm does not modify the 'source' database
(foo.pag/foo.dir) -- but I'd make a backup if I were you.


Download cvs-1.11.0-1.tar.gz and either:
  put it in an empty directory with setup.exe
  run setup (install from local directory)
  unpack from '/':  cd / && tar xvzf cvs-1.11.0-1.tar.gz

You MUST also install gdbm-1.8.0-3

If you have never used cvs before -- please do some research before
asking 'how-do-I' questions.  Here's the really short version:
  <unpack the binary distro, then>
  export CVSROOT=/usr/local/src/CVS
  cvs init

Comments eagerly solicited,

Chuck Wilson

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