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Improvements to console routines

I've made a few improvements to the console routines.

. Added an alternative font (^[[11m) for displaying graphics characters
. Corrected bold, underline, reverse, and invisible attributes for use with

I also hand-tweaked a terminfo file and a termcap file to use the changes.
Programs tested include the ncurses test programs, tack, mc, and frotz.
(The attached patches and term* files expand upon the patches I submitted
back in May.)

The alternative font is actually just a flag to disable the call to
CharToOemBuff in fhandler_console::write_normal.  For example, the character
0xDB (U with circumflex) is a U in the normal font and a solid block in the
alternative font.  This allows programs to map characters like the
registered-trademark symbol to an 'r', while allowing other programs to use
the graphics characters for drawing lines.

Character attributes are maintained individually in

Brad Town




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