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Cygwin version confusion

Title: Cygwin version confusion


I'm a little confused regarding the versions of Cygwin and pieces that come with the various products/downloads. I originally installed GNUPro Toolkit for NT Version 99r1p1.

bash --help -> GNU bash, version 2.02.1(2)-release-(i686-pc-cygwin32)
uname -r ->    21.0 (0.9/1/2)

I found this installation lacked several utilities (like man.exe) so I downloaded and installed (in another directory tree) the latest Cygwin setup.exe along with several packages I was interested in (fileutils, groff, etc.).

bash --help -> GNU bash, version 2.04.0(1)-release-(i586-pc-cygwin)
uname -r    -> 1.1.2(0.21/3/2)

The latest version shows that I'm running a later version of both bash and Cygwin. The i586-pc-cygwin bothers me a little. I'm on a PIII machine. I don't recall setup allowing me to indicate what type of machine I'm running. Did I miss something?

Thanks for any help!

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