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New GCC available for testing (TRY 4) -- fixes include path problem

Further on my tests concerning c++ and .cc files and this may help you 
Chris as far as what is and is not the concern of cygwin and therefore 
you and the rest of the developers.  Maybe the problem I found is the way 
it is supposed to work since the very problem I had was described in 
Mumit's mno-cyginw-howto document.

He describes the instance and advises getting the headers and the libs 
and then he states:

- untar the distribution under a directory, say /usr/local/mingw. This 
will create a lib directory containing the target libraries and include 
directory containing target headers (currently the only header needed is 

- Add the -I/usr/local/mingw/include to all compilation when using the 
-mno-cygwin option so that the compiler looks there first. 

- Add the -L/usr/local/mingw/lib to all your link commands when using    
-mno-cygwin option.

As soon as I adhered to the second and third bullet while doing my 
compile and link then all went smoothly.  Yes, it would be nice if 
-mno-cygwin did all this but it is spelled out as working this way in 
Mumit's very own document.


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Thank you.

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