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Re: Lack of Cygwin contributors? Was: How is textmode/binmodedetermined ...

> > If we don't sell such licenses, then there would be less
> > cygwin development.  How would that help?
> Hm. Your argument isn't logical.

If we didn't sell licenses, Red Hat would re-assign three full-time
cygwin developers to other projects, and we wouldn't work on Cygwin
any more, or at least, not as much as we do now.  I don't see how
illogical that argument can be.

> There are plenty of projects which don't sell licenses
> and yet do have a thriving developer community. Therefore
> you cannot say that *not* selling licenses would necessarily
> inhibit development; you're begging the question there.

I asked now not selling licenses would *help*.  It won't.  Selling
less licenses would not increase net development on Cygwin.  Selling
less licenses would not increase the things the community can do with
Cygwin.  Selling *no* licenses would remove three developers from the
Cygwin project.

> On the other hand, Cygwin sells licenses, and it seems that
> developers are being put off while Cygnus are crying out for people
> to help. So selling licenses can't be said to necessarily promote
> development.

Selling licenses adds three full-time developers to Cygwin.  If that's
not promoting development, what is?

> If Cygnus selling commercial licenses is purely about money, say
> so. At least be real. But don't believe that it has a beneficial
> effect on development.

Of course it's about money, but it's about other things also, like
what you do with the money.  You can't pick and choose which reasons
you acknowledge and which you ignore.

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