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Re: Setup v1.34 & root installation

> but I think faster than i can type and program,

Everyone does.  It's physically impossible to do otherwise.  That
doesn't excuse you from reviewing what you type to make sure it's

> I type at 20 wps, too slow.

I type about 70 wps, my wife even faster.  Speed has nothing to do
with accuracy; you should always proof what you write before you send
it.  By your own logic, you should be a *better* typer, as you have
more time to think about what you type.

> All I know is I have to tab in Word take make 10 white spaces or something

Don't use Word for programming.  Use a text editor, not a word
processor.  Better yet, use a programming editor, like emacs or vi.

> DOS has no binary mode, until now.

DOS has *always* had binary mode.  I recall using it in DOS 1.0.  It's
the *only* mode the disk has; "text mode" is an abberation convened by
the applications themselves.

> We have emacs and all these other text editors. Why not create a
> text editor designed for Cygwin?

You mean, besides emacs and vi?

> why not take advantage of Windows GUI?

Why not?  Go ahead.  Nobody is stopping you.  In fact, why not make
your job easier by starting with one of the existing IDEs, like DFE95?

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