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Re: Lack of Cygwin contributors? Was: How is textmode/binmode determined ...

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 10:40:05AM +0900, wrote:
>>If you were advocating that Cygwin be made 100% GPL and that Cygnus
>>*never* charge for a proprietary license, I think I could understand
>>this argument.  That's not what you want, though.
>That's what I'd want, or something similar.  In fact, I thought that
>was already the case, as I didn't realise that RedHat would do
>something like this.  Blegh, that changes things.  Yeah, the current
>licensing conditions would stop me from helping; there are free
>software projects I could be giving my time to instead.

Well, I'm glad that this has been clarified for anyone who has read this
thread.  I certainly don't want to mislead anyone.

Maybe I should mention that most of the Cygwin coding is done by third
world laborers in inhumane sweat shops, too, just to finish off the rest
of the people out there who were thinking about contributing.

Anyway, I assume that this means you will be wiping Cygwin from your
system.  It certainly wouldn't make sense to keep on using the product
if you have strong moral reservations against Red Hat using it to sell
an occasional proprietary license.


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