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Re: Lack of Cygwin contributors? Was: How is textmode/binmode determined ...

On Sun, Apr 30, 2000 at 11:07:37PM +0100, Ian Miller wrote:
>Surely if a non-Cygnus contributor makes a contribution to Cygwin then this
>contributor still implicitly retains his copyright in that contribution
>(obviously this is somewhat dependent on the significance of the 
>contribution). In that case, the only way that Cygnus may use that code 
>contribution is if it is licensed to them -- presumably under the terms
>of the GPL? In which case, how is it legal for Cygnus to then license
>that contribution to a third party under some license *other* than the GPL?

This is not true of Cygwin and it is not true of any contributions to software
maintained by the FSF.

Contributors to Cygwin or FSF projects must sign a release.  It's been like
that forever.  You can see this in, for example, where
the list of people who have sent in releases is posted on a regular basis.


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