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Re: Setup v1.34 & root installation

What I meant was using GoZilla to help me download the Xfree86 binaries.
Right now, with GoZilla!, I'm downloading the entire directory called
Setup did not setup the Cygwin installation this time.
It downloaded the files, and stopped without going further.
Sorry about being confusing, but I think faster than i can type and program,
so my hands are at one pace, while my brain races ant 1000 GBs per second.
(Confused? 1,000,000 megabyte per second per second. Other words, I'm not
syncronized with the "normal" world,
You are about a guy who is misunderstood. Because his hands can't keep up
with the pace of his head. I type at 20 wps, too slow.
I make mistakes when 1) I am typing 2) When I am thinking.

The Unix to DOS is simple
\n - unix
newline, then carriage return: DOS and Windows.
All I know is I have to tab in Word take make 10 white spaces or something
like. UNIX picks up some extra coding that is there.
For example
take the following:
hello Chris
I want to tab so many place,
    hello Chris

UNIX, if done in binary mode, will see extra padding that is there, DOS, in
text mode, won't, so, go back to
hello chris

{RA}{RA}{RA}hello chris

RA is right arrow key or space bar.
On the Csound mailing list sometime back, they were looking for an editor in
DOS to do scores and orchestras or makefile or anything that Unix can do
with text. DOS has no binary mode, until now. And the Binary mode offered by
the Cygwin1.dll is great. Just one problem. How to take advantage of it. We
have emacs and all these other text editors. Why not create a text editor
designed for Cygwin?
Guess what I'm trying to strive here is this: a GUI enviroment for Cygwin
with all the tools integrated into that GUI. We have Xfree86 and the Windows
stuff. Guess what I'm looking for now is something like Microsoft Visual C++
Not saying that we should copy it exacty, or even steal, but, since it
Cygwin and the other tools are being used for Windows, why not take
advantage of Windows GUI? All you need is the Platform SDK from Mircosoft or
Borland (who is in collaboration with Microsoft noiw. Actually, its Inprise.
Just remembered after racking that out that Inprise took Borland over.)
About the linux thing, What I was thinking there was in terms of integrating
some of the libraries that are missing from cygwin/

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