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RE: /bin /usr/bin some files ???

what do you mount point? Like 'mount d:\cygroot\usr\bin /bin' ?
What should be in the path then d:\cygroot\bin or both of them?
I just downloaded all the packages and then ungzipped and untarred them, so
I received two folders one is \bin another one is \usr\bin and there are
some binaries with the same names but with different sizes. I didn't install
it to existing directory. Could you please explain me why we need two such a
files with different sizes but with equal names iside two folders \usr\bin
and \bin. I would like to put them to one folder, and not to use two paths
in the PATH env variable. Is it possible?


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From: Earnie Boyd []
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2000 5:35 PM
To: Shamsutdinov, Salikhyan; ''
Subject: Re: /bin /usr/bin some files ???

--- "Shamsutdinov, Salikhyan" <> wrote:
> Hi All!
> Please explain me what is the difference between some of binaries in /bin
> and /usr/bin folder. They have the same name but size is much difference.
> it possible to concatenate this folders to run everything from one folder.
> Or please link me to appropriate doc about this.

/usr/bin is a mount point pointing to /bin.  The sizes of the files should
exactly the same as there are indeed the same files.

Did you install into an existing directory?

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