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job opening?

I realize this may be considered an abuse of this list; but, I 
asked Chris and, though not sure how it would be received, he said
I could try it.  So, here it is.

Distributed Database Engineer
Contact: Glen E. Ropella
cell: 650-280-6314
cubicle: 650-237-3929

Announcing a job opportunity as a software developer to integrate
proprietary vendor software like Oracle and Microsoft with free
software like Apache and FreeBSD for a pre-IPO Silicon Valley
Start-Up.  We are a widely dispersed virtual organization building
products for health informatics.  This position assumes an "extreme
programming" development style and requires an integrationist


 1. Experience with assembling a database system using multiple
    platforms (unix and windows)
 2. Experience with distributed database design.
 3. Experience with integrating databases from multiple vendors.


 1. Service development on Windows NT
 2. Cygwin/Mingw
 3. Apache and IIS
 4. Web server interfaces to databases (PHP a plus)
 5. MySQL, Access, ObjectStore PSE, and Oracle are plusses
glen e. p. ropella                =><=          Hail Eris!
Home:        (505) 424-0448
Work:              (650) 280-6314  

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