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Re: setup.exe via proxy?

I've experienced the same problems when I first set up V 1.1.0.
Now, I am trying it again.
I just D/Led the binaries and am ready to decompress, but this time, using
an archiving program like Power Archiver.
And, I'm putting it on E drive.
Well gotta go. Spent long enough time on the 'Net just downloading and
reading your messages about how tough it is with setup.
Remember, John. It is experimental.
-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Faylor <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Date: Thursday, April 27, 2000 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: setup.exe via proxy?

>On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 04:03:09PM +0100, John S Cooper wrote:
>>Chris Faylor <> writes:
>> > >It starts up and displays a list a list of mirror sites.  When I
>> > >one, it just waits for a while and then gives these odd errors:
>> > >
>> > >    Select an option from 5-28 or [repeat]: 25
>> > >    Connecting to ftp site...Done.
>> > >    Unable to open "D:\DOCUME~1\JCooper\LOCALS~1\Temp\su37" for
output: No such file
>> > >     or directory
>> >
>> > Does the d:\docume~1\jcooper\locals~1\temp directory actually exist?
>> > If so, are there any files in the directory that look similar to su*?
>>Yes to both questions:
>>| $ ls d:/Documents\ and\ Settings/JCooper/Local\ Settings/Temp/
>>| Acr25.tmp   su14        su2         su25        su30        su4
>>| JETE3B.tmp  su15        su20        su26        su31        su5
>>| su10        su16        su21        su27        su32        su6
>>| su11        su17        su22        su28        su33        su7
>>| su12        su18        su23        su29        su34        su8
>>| su13        su19        su24        su3         su35        su9
>>So it seems to get part way there, but then gives "Unable to open ..."
>>for su36 and later.  Eventually it gives up with:
>Ok.  This looks like a handle leak.  You're probably doing this on
>Windows 9x and have something like "FILES=40" in your config.sys, right?
>I've uploaded setup 1.33 to cygwin/latest.  It tries to be more diligent
>about closing everything.  It also creates the temporary files in the same
>directory as setup.exe.
>Please try the new version of setup and, if it fails, send a directory
>listing of the directory where setup.exe is located to
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