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RE: Weird behavior when using "-I" with gcc-2.95.2

Well that was very interesting.  Everything compiles just fine on the local
hard disk when using the "-I ./".  So then I tried my H:\ drive.  That is a
drive I have mapped from a WinNT server.  Once again, everything works just
fine.  So then I went to my I:\ drive, which is a Sun Solaris file server
using SunLink software to emulate a WinNT server.  That is when I start
having problems.  Apparently, gcc is seeing something differently when
compiling on my I:\ drive.  Should I try to use strace at this point to find
out what the difference might be?

	-----Original Message-----
	From:	Mumit Khan [SMTP:khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU]
	Sent:	Wednesday, April 26, 2000 3:56 PM
	To:	Fontenot Larry A DLVA
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	Subject:	RE: Weird behavior when using "-I" with gcc-2.95.2 

	On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Fontenot Larry A DLVA wrote:

	> Attached is the requested bug.txt.  It looks as though the default
	> paths are still valid.  And everything works just fine until I add
a "-I
	> anypath".  The only way to get the compiler to work properly at
that point
	> is to provide both "-I /usr/i686-pc-cygwin" and "-I

	Thanks for the information. However, I don't see anything wrong with
	your setup, so we'll just have to do some experiments and track it 

	I noticed that you've set up the mount table to mount the various
	drives as /<drive_letter>, which should be fine. Also, PWD is set 
	to /i/CPP/hello, which means you're working on a remote drive at 
	this point, and your "home" directory is also on a server ie remote 
	drive /h.

	Could you please do the following -- run the same testcase on a
	drive and see if the problem is repeatable. I'd like to remove as
	variables as possible, and that may help tracking this down. As you
	can imagine, lots of use GCC and we don't see this problem.

	I think the `invalid argument' is simply a misleading error message,
	and the real error is still lurking in there. The final experiment
	will be to run the compilation under `strace', but that's going to
	generate a *huge* log file and I'm trying to avoid that.


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