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Re: ntea feature

--- Trevor Forbes <> wrote:
> The docs states:
> What is suppose to happen on Win2k with FAT32 partitions if ntea is
> activated? Is it supposed to create files as stated in the docs.  Well, I
> tried it and nothing happens?

The coding may just be specific enough to exclude W2K.  You'll need to find the
source in the winsup code and submit a patch.

> Anyway, I what to activate the ntea feature (and possibly the ntsec feature
> later), and from the docs, the best option for me seems to be to put Cygwin
> on a NTFS partition and leave the rest of the partitions FAT32. Will the
> ntea feature only be active on the NTFS partition, or will mounts on FAT32
> partitions slow to a crawl as indicated in the docs.

Yes.  If you have ntea turned on, then any FAT will have the NT Extended
Attributes file if that file is written/read to/from.  This includes the floppy
disks.  Caution, removing the Extended Attribute file could result in lost

> To summarise, what is my best options using ntea with Cygwin where most of
> the partitions must remain FAT32?

You best option IMO is _NOT_ to use ntea and to use ntsec instead.


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