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Re: Various questions - docs, paths

--- John S Cooper <> wrote:
> o The FAQ and User's Guide seem to refer to B20 -- are there equivalent docs
>   for the new 1.1.0, or does everything in the older docs still apply?

Most of it still applies.

> o What's the deal with these new "/cygdrive" path prefixes?
>   ,----
>   | bash-2.03$ type bash
>   | bash is /cygdrive/h/cygnus/bin/bash
>   `----

It is a new scheme to deal with unmounted paths.  The /cygdrive can be changed
by the mount program, e.g.: `mount --change-cygdrive-prefix umnt' would then
give /umnt/h/cygnus/bin/bash it your example above.

>   They don't seem to appear in my mount table:
>   ,----
>   | bash-2.03$ mount
>   | Device              Directory           Type         Flags
>   | \\.\tape0:          /dev/st0            user         textmode
>   | \\.\tape1:          /dev/st1            user         textmode
>   | \\.\a:              /dev/fd0            user         textmode
>   | \\.\b:              /dev/fd1            user         textmode
>   | D:                  /                   user         textmode
>   `----

Nice point.  This needs to be added to the TODO list.  BTW, why is your root
mounted on D: and your package installed in H:\Cygnus?  Why not change your
mount of / to `mount -f -b h:/Cygnus /'?  It should work much better that way.

> o We have a Makefile that needs to pass the current directory to a
> (non-cygwin)
>   program.  If we use $PWD, we get the /cygdrive style path, which the
> program
>   doesn't grok.  Do I have use conditionally (our Makefile also runs on
> Linux)
>   call cygpath to convert to Windows style paths in all places we invoke this
>   program?
> o Is there a way to tell cygwin to always use Windows style paths (with drive
>   letters) rather than the "unix" paths that are only understood by other
>   cygwin programs?

Cygwin already does this, h:/cygnus/bin/bash is just as acceptable as
/cygdrive/h/cygnus/bin/bash.  However, the routines return the prefered UNIX
style path.

> o I've seen people allude to a CYGWIN variable -- where is this documented?

It's in one of the two documents you mentioned above.


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