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Re: mount policy

--- wrote:
> Hello,
> after installing the new 1.1.0 version I recognized the binary mounts created
> by setup (or the cygwin1.dll). Up to now I worked with the B20.1 and have
> always used text based mounts and had never problems. What advantage do I
> have in which situation from a binary mount especially because I read other
> users having problems with make, etc. ?

It's about half a dozen in one basket and six in the other.  When using a cross
platform network with file servers say in UNIX it's been found it best to be
binary mode.  BTW, the CD V1.0 version sets the filesystem to binary mode
processing as well.  That doesn't mean that the headaches don't still exist
they do.  In binary mode processing, text files must end in \n (UNIX style)
line endings.

> I also used to have the following mount
> mount $TEMP /tmp
> to sync the temporary directories for Windows and Cygwin. Should I prefer
> here a symbolic link ? Pros & cons for mount vs. ln ?

The symbolic link is slower as Cygwin has more work to do to find the


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