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Re: CYGWIN-1.1.0 trouble: 40 to 80 sec delay if no network connection

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On Tue, Apr 25 2000 1:30 PM Ulrich Jakobus wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Apr 2000 13:07:52 -0400, Cygwin wrote:
> >On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 06:57:53PM +0200, Ulrich Jakobus wrote: 
> >>> Also, if you run "strace -osomefile /bin/pwd" it will
> >>> probably be obvious what is causing the delay.  There will be
> >>> a really large number in the first field of somefile.
> >>
> >>Unfortunately, this does not work. In can execute "/bin/pwd",
> >>but trying to run "strace /bin/pwd" results in the message
> >>  
> >>  strace: error creating process /bin/pwd, (error 3)
> >
> >Sorry.  I should have said "strace -osomefile c:\cygwin\bin\pwd"
> >where c:\cygwin\bin == whereever is appropriate for your setup.
> >
> OK, I have never used this command before, and was therefore not
> aware of the correct syntax.
> I did now in a DOS window (network cable attached).
>   cd \cygnus\cygwin-1.1.0\bin
>   .\strace .\pwd 
> No problem, the command runs without any visible delay and
> terminates correctly. Now I remove the network cable, and run
> ".\strace .\pwd" again. The execution seems to hang completely
> (not only 40 to 80 sec delay, I  have been waiting for more than
> 10 minutes now), the last lines on the  screen are
>  3119 1019256 [main] pwd 1000 sig_send: returning 0 from sending
> signal -2 12037 1031293 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin:
> Domain: DEIHF
>  3200 1034493 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Login Server:
>  3058 1037551 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Windows
> Username: Jakobus 
I'm going to guess that the indicated items are your NT Domain
Name, Logon Server Name, and Logon UserName

These lines appear to try to contact your PDC or BDC to try and
detemine your logon account profile information.  Such as your SID.
 Without this
you may not get proper file permissions set AFAIK. Corinna knows
more about
this than I.

I believe that since Windows caches account information and uses it
when the
domain controller can't be contacted, it might well behoove Cygwin
to cache
the same information on a successful connect, and give up on the
connection after the first failed try, using instead the cached

Unfortunately, AFAICS there is nothing to be done about the first
long delay
because even WinNT takes a longer time booting without a domain
controller to
contact.  Unless something is present in the registry to indicate
account status, Cygwin has to try and see for itself if the host is

>  3083 1040634 [main] pwd 1000 lookup_name: name  : Jakobus
> Does this information help? Even if after 10 minutes I attach the
> network cable again, the process remains hanging.
> I should perhaps mention that I work on a notebook computer which
> has a nice suspend function to save the main memory to disk and
> resume operation without rebooting. For this reason, I almost
> never boot, and when I work at home (without network connection),
> I simply switch on the notebook computer again and continue from
> where I stopped. I have absolutely no problems with other
> programs (of course when my e-mail program wants to make a POP
> connection it complains about being unable to connect, or if I
> want to print to a network printer), everything else runs fine,
> also the old CYGWIN-B20.1  did run without any trouble this way.
> Ulrich
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