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Local setup fails (even 1.30)


installing the new Cygwin 1.1.0 from a local directory on my notebook (German NT4 / SP5), the installation fails completely. Setup creates several directories in the chosen root (c:\ or anything else), finds the *.tar.gz files, but fails to extract any of the tar files (although claiming "No Error")! I confimed this behavior on my office running English (UK) NT4 / SP3.

See following output (just one .tar.gz offered):

========== Output begin ================
This is the Cygwin setup utility (Revision: 1.30),
built on Apr 26 2000 22:19:13.

Use this program to install the latest version of the Cygwin Utilities
from the Internet.

Alternatively, if you already have already downloaded the appropriate files
to the current directory (and subdirectories below it), this program can use
those as the basis for your installation.

If you are installing from the Internet, please run this program in an empty
temporary directory.

Press <enter> to accept the default value.
Root directory? [c:\] c:\cygnus\cygwin-v1.1
Install from the current directory (d) or from the Internet (i)? [i] d
Installing cygwin-20000301.tar.gz
Unable to extract "cygwin-20000301.tar.gz": No error
Creating the uninstall file...Done.

Installation took 19 seconds.
========== Output end ================

Finally I managed to install Cygwin 1.1.0 by extracting all .tar.gz manually:
1) Add the installation dir to the PATH
2) Go to the chosen root
3) for all .tar.gz execute manually: tar xvfz /cygdrive/<installation drive>/<installation dir>/<package>/*.tar.gz

A possibly unreported bug for the uninst.bat:
Setup generates wrong paths for localized Windows versions, e.g. the "Start Menu" is named "Startmenü" in a German NT, but the batch tries to delete the menu entries from the directory "Startmen³" that definately does not exist (indicates a missing CharToOEM after reading the proper registry entry).


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