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cvs over ssh: hangs while exiting

not sure whether to ask this on the cygwin list or the cvs list...

I'm trying to use cvs in ext mode along with Sergey's ssh-1.2.27 port. 
On my NT4.0 box running cygwin-1.0, it works fine.  But on my new laptop
running windows98 and the recent cygwin net release, cvs hangs while (I
think) it's about to exit.  On both machines, CYGWIN=tty.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has seen this before and knows
what I'm doing wrong.  Any ideas?

% export CVS_RSH=ssh
% cvs -t -d
co vrpn
 -> Starting server: ssh cvs server's password:
S-> checkout (/afs/unc/proj/stm/src/CVS_repository/vrpn/vrpn_sgibox.h,v,
1.7, ,
S-> server_register(vrpn_sgibox.h, 1.7, , , , , )
S-> Register(vrpn_sgibox.h, 1.7, , ,  )
U vrpn/vrpn_sgibox.h
 -> rename(.new.vrpn_sgibox.h,vrpn_sgibox.h)
 -> unlink(CVS/Base/vrpn_sgibox.h)
 -> Register(vrpn_sgibox.h, 1.7, Wed Apr 14 21:23:48 1999, ,  )
S-> rename(CVS/Entries.Backup,CVS/Entries)
S-> unlink(CVS/Entries.Log)
 -> rename(CVS/Entries.Backup,CVS/Entries)
 -> unlink(CVS/Entries.Log)

At this point, it just hangs indefinitely.  If I hit C-c, it aborts and I
get my shell prompt back.  It looks as though everything got checked out
correctly.  It also hangs when I enter that dir and do a "cvs update". 
Again, i don't see this problem with cygwin-1.0/windowsNT.  On the
windows98 box, I set CYGWIN in the autoexec.bat file and rebooted.

Anyone know what's going on?

thanks in advance,


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