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Re: problems with less

--- John S Cooper <> wrote:
> Since upgrading to cygwin 1.0 (on Win2K) less no longer displays properly.

Is that cygwin 1.0.0 or cygwin 1.1.0?  The difference is that the cygwin 1.0.0
is the CD version and the cygwin 1.1.0 is the net release.

> I have TERM=cygwin, I have the recently posted /etc/termcap installed and my
> "DOS box" has no scrollbars.
> When I `less c:/etc/termcap', the top 3 lines of the file are not shown, even
> after typing `g' (start of file).  However, if I type 'G' (end of file)
> followed by 'g' then it is shown, although searching for strings doesn't
> display the highlighted matches (they seem to be off the top of the screen).
> It's pretty much unusable really.

I just tried thist using NT4 sp4, cygwin 1.1.0 and there wasn't a problem.  I
saw the head of the file, the tail of the file and even the hightlighted search
strings.  BTW, the Command window is set for 2500 lines of buffer with 50 lines
of display.

> However, this works fine with an earlier version of `less' (cygwin B20.1
> compatible?) that I found by following some links on the cygwin site.  BUT
> with
> that version, if I type /foobar<BACKSPACE> the BACKSPACE key doesn't work - I
> get ^H inserted instead, which is a little annoying, but still usable.

Haven't tried that version.

> Please Cc me on any replies as I'm not a member of the list.


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