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Re: CYGWIN-1.1.0 trouble: 40 to 80 sec delay if no network connection


>>No problem, the command runs without any visible delay and terminates
>>correctly. Now I remove the network cable, and run ".\strace .\pwd" again.
>>The execution seems to hang completely (not only 40 to 80 sec delay, I 
>>have been waiting for more than 10 minutes now), the last lines on the 
>>screen are
>> 3119 1019256 [main] pwd 1000 sig_send: returning 0 from sending signal -2
>>12037 1031293 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Domain: DEIHF
>> 3200 1034493 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Login Server: IHFBDC
>> 3058 1037551 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Windows Username: Jakobus
>> 3083 1040634 [main] pwd 1000 lookup_name: name  : Jakobus
>>Does this information help? Even if after 10 minutes I attach the network
>>cable again, the process remains hanging.
>It may help Corinna figure out what's happening.  I was hoping that you
>would actually use the command that I indicated and might provide the
>output of the "somefile" which would provide a lot more context than the

Sorry about providing only this last part of the file, attached
are two files that result from the execution of:

   strace -oout.{1|2} d:\cygnus\cygwin-1.1.0\bin\pwd.exe

in a DOS window:

   out.1:  network cable was attached (file is complete, pwd runs without
           any significant delay)
   out.2:  network cable removed (what is a bit strange now is that
           as opposed to the test yesterday, where I waited for 10 min,
           this command does indeed complete, and after about 15 sec,
           I do get the output of "pwd")

Also if I now start e.g. a "bash" shell, the delay I observe this 
morning when the network cable is not attached, is only about 15 sec
as well, and no longer 40 to 80 sec as it used to be since installing
CYGWIN-1.1.0. The only change I have done is that I installed yester-
day the latest CYGWIN snapshot, but did not reboot immediately, I
rebooted Windows NT only this morning (I also don't think that I
have to reboot if I exchange e.g. cygwin1.dll, the output of "uname -a"
always indicated that I was using the correct version). I might be 
able to live with a 15 sec delay, this is not as bad as 40 to 80 sec.




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