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Re: Possible race condition with sigsuspend in new net release

On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 07:32:06AM -0500, TOMMY REYNOLDS wrote:
>I've been using the Z-Shell ZSH with Cygwin for quite a while, but it now
>hangs with the new Cygwin net release.  I managed to isolate the problem to
>the "sigsuspend()" call by extracting the sigsuspend test from the
>"./configure" script and trying to run the test code as a stand-alone
>program.  It hangs.  I then reran the test code under the "strace" program
>and the program exited normally.
>According to the CYGWIN mail archives, this problem has been around since at
>least 1997, but I didn't see any resolution to the problem.

Thanks for the detailed debugging information.  I will look into this.

I should point out that I use zsh *all* of the time on Cygwin.  It is essentially
my "test" system for new versions of the DLL since it uses so much of the UNIX
api -- especially with regard to signals.

I don't have any problems running zsh but there were some signal fixes that went
in after 1.1.0 was released.  Could you try a recent Cygwin snapshot and let know if it works any better?


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