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Re: For the adventurous: cygwin/latest/newsetup

--- Chris Faylor <> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 11:42:31PM -0500, Jeff Jensen wrote:
> >I tried using setup.exe (not newsetup.exe) for the first time on Sat (setup
> >is dated 4/22 8:46 PM).  I had troublesome results.  Repeated installs had
> >the same results.  I searched the FAQ, docs, archives, etc. for some
> >answers, and didn't see anything.  Apologies if this is commonly answered
> >issue, I couldn't find anything on it (and my wife will tell you sometimes I
> >am blind when looking for things ;-).
> Please provide the version of setup that you were running, the version of
> the Windows OS you're using, a copy of your mount table (which you get
> by typing "mount").
> FYI, setup prints the build date and version every time it runs.
> You were installing into a new, empty directory, right?  It would also
> be useful to see the results of a "ls -lR" in the directory that you
> were making your "root".

You also _MUST_ run setup.exe from MSDOS.  You _MUST_ not have any other Cygwin
process running.

Chris, does setup check for Cygwin sessions running and die on startup?

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