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RE: New net release - problems with make and gdb

--- Richard Stanton <> wrote:
> That was it. Thanks.
> After installing the new release, c: was mounted (as /) in binmode, whereas
> previously it had been mounted in text mode. Changing the mount back to
> textmode allows make to run properly.
> Having said all that, I get the impression from this group that I "ought" to
> be mounting everything in binmode. Is this correct? If so, why?

At least half the entries (probably not that much but it sure seems like it
could be more) in the archives discuss this.  When switching between binary and
text mode default processing, you need to modify all text files containing \r\n
(DOS STYLE) line endings to \n (UNIX STYLE) line endings.  The downfall of this
is that older versions of NOTEPAD won't display the file properly.  However,
the benefits will outway this one negative.

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