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Re: cygwin Digest 21 Apr 2000 02:33:12 -0000 Issue 475

> >> Alternatively, you can download the tar files yourself to one directory
> >> and just run setup there, using the 'd' option.
> >
> >I went with this route.  Downloaded every package except for byacc, ran
> >setup, picked 'd'.  Only some of the packages got installed.  Bash wasn't
> >one of them (cygwin.bat was most unhappy about that).  Neither was gzip.
> Did you see "bash.tar.gz" scroll by?

Definitely.  It scrolled by a lot faster than others, but scroll by it did.
May have been a bug in (the now-replaced) setup.

Anyhow, after a lot more coffee, I knuckled down and unpacked all of them
by hand in a cmd window.  Everything is working fine[*] now.  The next
time something freaks out, I'll change my subscription from the digest to
the normal list before sending.

It looks like setup was the only thing that had serious problems, but of
course it's newborn.  I wonder if someone will port Sun's kiosk and pkg*
utils to cygwin next.  :-)  Or rpm, I suppose.

My next step is to remove B20.1 from the machine without breaking 1.1.
And then to start playing with -mno-cygwin.

[*] For "good grief, how did I ever get any work done under Windows without
    this" values of 'fine'.  Thanks!

> It sounds like you probably have /bin mounted explicitly.  Looks like
> this is YA change to setup.

The documentation might oughta change from "explicit mounts will be
overwritten," to something like "explicit mounts will cause Weird Things
to happen before being overwritten."


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