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Latest version bash.exe and csrss.exe slams CPU at 100% after each command!

Whenever I execute a command the results are displayed ok. Then the console
hangs for about 3-4 seconds before showing me the '$' prompt again. During
this 'hang', the CPU is at 100%. It happens regardless of forking with '&'.

I just now installed the latest version on my NT 4.0 box. I was careful to
remove all traces of the previous installation (b20, which worked fine) from
the disk, registry, and environment variables.

Now, whenever I execute a command, such as 'ls', the correct results are
displayed, but then I have to wait about 3-4 seconds before the '$' prompt
is shown again. If I type the same command with a '&' to make it fork, the
command is executed and the '$' prompt is displayed immediately, HOWEVER I
can't type any new commands for 3-4 seconds. Basically, it hangs either way.

To make matters worse, during the 'hang' period, the CPU is at 100%!
According to NT Task Manager, the CPU is being slammed by bash.exe and
csrss.exe (what is this?).

This is on NT 4.0 SP 4, 450 Mhz cpu. Again, the previous version worked
great, and I used it heavily. Any help is appreciated. I couldn't find docs
on the new setup either.

- John

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