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Re: The /usr/bin /usr/lib mounts

On Fri, Apr 21, 2000 at 11:57:03PM +0930, Trevor Forbes wrote:
>With the new mount points /usr/bin /usr/lib nothing works for me.
>Would someone be kind enough to explain the new mounts?  Is the end
>result supposed to be /bin == /usr/bin with files installed into
>/usr/bin and /bin?

The end result is that /usr/bin == /bin and /usr/lib == /lib and that
everything is installed in /bin and /lib.

Possibly you're seeing problems because you have /usr mounted, also?  Recent
versions of setup umount /usr.

>In my system, which is Win2000  FAT32, the installer installs everything to
>/bin, nothing into /usr/bin and the end result is that gcc no longer

What does "gcc no longer compiles" mean?  You can't build gcc or you can't
compile anything with gcc?

>Ok, I can at least get around that by doing a manual install. So I
>do a manual install with the result  that files in /usr/bin are not visible,
>that is, I get /bin directory listing instead and cygwin cannot see anything
>in the /usr/bin dir.

/usr/bin is supposed to essentially be a symbolic link to /bin.  So, doing
a 'ls /usr/bin' should be equivalent to 'ls /bin'.  It sounds like this is
not the case in your setup.


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