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Re: PS1, gdb and other trubbels

On Fri, Apr 21, 2000 at 09:58:41AM +0200, Love wrote:
>Chris Faylor <> writes:
>> On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 10:35:14PM +0200, Love wrote:
>> >Chris Faylor <> writes:
>> >
>> >> >I can give you a tarboll with binaries that cause the error.
>> >> 
>> >> Sorry.  I definitely don't have time to debug individual problems.
>> >
>> >Sure, I'll happly try to find it out myself, I currenly trying to build a
>> >libcygwin1.dll with debugging symbols.
>> You should be able to set breakpoints in gdb to find out where the
>> problem is occurring.  The fact that cygwin shows up on a stack trace
>> does not mean that the problem is in cygwin.  Cygwin intercepts all of
>> the Windows "signals" in order to properly emulate UNIX signals.
>Ok, so you mean that Visual C just tells me where the exception should be
>handled but wasn't ? It looked on the assembely that it really did the
>*(int *)0x4 = N; in cygwin1.dll. But then I'm not that good on i386

Let's use an analogy.  If you notice that you get a SIGSEGV in strcpy,
do you immediately think something is wrong with strcpy or do you assume
that you've passed something incorrect to strcpy?

It's certainly possible that there is something wrong with cygwin but before
you grab all of the sources and attempt to rebuild everything it makes sense
to me to attempt to narrow down exactly where the problem is occurring.

The old "It works on linux (hp-ux, dgux, digital unix, irix)!" cry,
while popular, does not mean that your code is bug-free.  Rather than waste
days talking about this and trying to build cygwin, I'm suggesting that
you use standard debugging techniques to find out if there is an error in
your program.

>> If I were you, I would just debug your program in the normal way before
>> going to the effort of building cygwin.
>Well I build it, no problem there. Are you using /cygdrive/c/cygwin as
>prefix when building the release ?



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