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RE: Cygwin 1.0: Error when launching MSDOS bat file from bash on Windows 2000


> > 
> > Well, the mechanism is working fine with NT 4.0 but on 
> Windows 2000 it fails
> > (or it might be related to some other configuration params 
> I missed ?!) If
> > anybody have an idea of how to correct this I am very interested!
> > 
> Actually, it fails on NT4 as well.

Well my description was incorrect actually (the steps I gave are broken because of a copy/paste error); the following steps work on NT4 as shown below ( I had forgotten the . at the beginning of the commands i.e test1/test2/run.bat does not work whereas ./test1/test2/run.bat would)

> cd /
> mkdir -p test1/test2
> cat > test1/test2/run.bat
REM start of MSDOS test
REM end of  MSDOS test
> ./test1/test2/run.bat
C:\>REM start of MSDOS test

Press any key to continue . . .

C:\>REM end of  MSDOS test

> cd test1
> ./test2/run.bat
C:\test1>REM start of MSDOS test

Press any key to continue . . .

C:\test1>REM end of  MSDOS test

> cd test2
> ./run.bat

> Yep.  I just tried your test and your assumption would have 
> to be correct.  I
> agree with your bug report.  Would you care to submit a patch?

I wish I could. However, I am afraid I'm missing skills to be able to find out the source of the problem and a solution to it. Anibody around that has a good grasp on the code and could spot out the problem?


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