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RE: Cygwin 1.0: Error when launching MSDOS bat file from bash on Wind ows 2000


> Hmm... Why would one expect a DOS bat file to execute under 
> BASH???  However,
> it is possible to start the DOS COMMAND INTERPRETER from BASH 
> by specifying it
> so:
> #! c:/Windows/System32/cmd.exe /c
> REM start of MSDOS test
> REM end of MSDOS test
> However you need a noop program named #.exe that is on the 
> Windows PATH so that
> the DOS COMMAND INTERPRETER doesn't croak on the #! line.

Well, I think that cygwin handles the launching of the BAT files by itself if I understand well the documentation (extract of C:\Cygwin\html\1_GS\int02.html follows)

"File permissions

On Windows 95/98 systems, files are always readable, and Cygwin uses the native read-only mode to determine if they are writable. Files are considered to be executable if the filename ends with .bat, .com or .exe, or if its content starts with #!. Consequently, the chmod command can only affect the 'w' mode, whereas it silently ignores actions involving the other modes. [...]

I assume that while making the .bat files executable, Cygwin also handles their execution throught the DOS command shell.

Well, the mechanism is working fine with NT 4.0 but on Windows 2000 it fails (or it might be related to some other configuration params I missed ?!) If anybody have an idea of how to correct this I am very interested!


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