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just plain /gone/ (was Re: setup.exe[i] only creates directory tree)

I was telling setup.exe to hit the U-of-Tenn FTP site (choice 27, I thnk).
Apparently it wasn't getting through, but setup can't figure that out yet.
Ah, the joys of the bleeding edge.  :-)

> Alternatively, you can download the tar files yourself to one directory
> and just run setup there, using the 'd' option.

I went with this route.  Downloaded every package except for byacc, ran
setup, picked 'd'.  Only some of the packages got installed.  Bash wasn't
one of them (cygwin.bat was most unhappy about that).  Neither was gzip.

So I grabbed with, unpacked it, and tried to unpack bash
myself.  Truly strange things happened.  Here's the cmd window; I'm in
the directory that will become the Cygwin root.

  E:\cygnus\cygwin1-1> e:\tmp\bin\gzip -dc C:\TEMP\net11\bash.tar.gz | e:\tmp\bin\tar tvf -
  -rwxr-xr-x dj/games     391168 2000-01-17 21:17 bin/bash.exe
  -rwxr-xr-x dj/games       3198 1999-09-13 21:56 bin/bashbug
  -rw-r--r-- dj/games     198987 1999-09-13 21:56 usr/man/man1/bash.1
  -rw-r--r-- dj/games       1343 1999-09-13 21:56 usr/man/man1/bashbug.1

This looks good, I think.  So I tell it to unpack:

  E:\cygnus\cygwin1-1>e:\tmp\bin\gzip -dc C:\TEMP\net11\bash.tar.gz | e:\tmp\bin\tar xvf -

But nothing happens:

  E:\cygnus\cygwin1-1>cd bin

  E:\cygnus\cygwin1-1\bin>dir b*
   Volume in drive E has no label.
   Volume Serial Number is 3C26-C1A0

   Directory of E:\cygnus\cygwin1-1\bin

  File Not Found

I finally gave up on the gzip/tar combination and used Winzip to
individually extract just the bash.exe into its proper place.  That gave
me a working shell; cygwin.bat was okay then.  But very little else got
properly extracted.  Not even fileutils.

Now that I have a working shell (oh, sweet sweet bash) I could just
unpack all of the .tar.gz packages myself with a simple loop.  But not
if gzip/tar isn't working... Winzip doesn't like the command line.

Is there something else I can try?

(Please cc me on any replies.)

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