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Re: PS1, gdb and other trubbels

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 07:59:18PM +0200, Love wrote:
>Does gdb handle windows threads ? It seams to recognize them, but
>there is not backtrace and it gets really confused where function
>frame start/end.

gdb does support threads.  Did you try any of the thread commands?
You are probably confused by the fact that the program may not be
stopped on the main thread when you attach to it.  Try issuing the
"thread 1" command before requesting a backtrace.

As I indicated in the earlier thread which mentioned W2K problems,
I am not exactly sure what is causing this problem.  However, I've
taken an educated guess and made some changes to gdb.  I've put
a modified version of gdb here:

If someone wants to try this out and let the cygwin list know how it
works that would be great.

>I really want gdb so I started by download the gdb src tarball in the
>latest/gdb directory, but there was no instruction in there how to
>build it.  Where do I start to be able to find it ?

I'm sorry, but you have a long road ahead of you if you are asking this
question.  cygwin is just like any other GNU utility.  You need to
download the source for what you're building and any additional packages
that it requires.  So, downloading just the gdb source tarball is not
enough.  You'll have to (off the top of my head) download, binutils and
common as well.

Then you do a "configure" in the toplevel directory followed by a "make
all-gdb".  This is all exactly the same as building any other GNU utility.
Possibly there are more instructions on the GNU web site but I don't
know for sure.

>Have anyone considered finishing pthread_cond\* functions so the
>pthread interface might be complete or are you waiting for someone to
>send them in :) ?

As always, patches are gratefully accepted.

>A minor nit, there is no release notice on the website.

Huh? There "New Cygwin Net Release" item on the web site.  DJ put it there
before the announcement went out.


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