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Re: gnuplot won't work with new net release

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 02:51:56AM -0700, Tom Weichmann wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 11:04:42PM -0700, Tom Weichmann wrote:
>> >	I am running octave 2.0.13 on the cygwin platform.  Octave 
>> >saves its plot data to a temp file, then points gnuplot to that file
>> >in order to plot it.  The problem is that gnuplot only understands
>> >directories in the c:/tmp form and octave understands //c/tmp.  In
>> >B20.1 I set an environment variable TMPDIR to c:/tmp, and both
>> >programs liked it.  The new net release translates this environment
>> >variable to /cygdrive/c/tmp/, and gnuplot can not understand it.  Is
>> >there any way to keep cygwin from making this translation?  Any other
>> >ideas?
>> TMPDIR is being translated so that UNIXy things which rely on it, like
>> configure will work correctly.
>> What happens if you just don't set the environment variable at all?
>> Does that work any better?
>> cgf
>	By not setting the TMPDIR variable gnuplot tries to look in /tmp 
>for the data files it uses, but of course gnuplot can't understand 
>/tmp so it can not find the file it is looking for.

/tmp is a valid Windows directory.  It refers the tmp directory on the root
of the current drive.


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