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Re: w2k problem with new release and autoconf and with reversion to old

Tim Prince wrote:
> I installed the new release by the [i] route, which takes
> several hours using the utk mirror.  It appeared to be working,
> but autoconf is broken when invoked from make. Does it require a
> special environement setting?
>  I reverted laboriously to the old cygwin, which is working fine
> for Administrator, but now /tmp and /bin aren't visible except
> to Administrator.

This is by design. There's a difference now between `user' mount
points and `system' mount points. setup.exe creates all mount
points as `user' mount points. For the purpose of creating
`system' mount points, mount.exe has a new option `-s' now.

So, what you have to do to get some mount points working for all
users on the machine is to create the mount points of choice as
`system' mount points and - if they are already in your `user'
mount point table - remove them from your personel mount table:

	mount -s -b -f D:/cygwin /
	umount /

The mount command shows which type of mount point you have, eg:

$ mount
Device			Directory	Type	Flags
D:\cygwin\usr\lib	/lib		user	binmode
D:\cygwin		/		system	binmode
C:			/home		user	textmode

umount.exe has the option `-s' as well to erase `system' mount

Try `mount --help', `umount --help' for getting help of all options.

Hope this helps,

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