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Re[2]: Cygwin 1.1.0 gdb troubles

Hello DJ,

DJ Delorie <> wrote:

>> Almost any POSIX feature maps one-to-one to win32 one and difference
>> is only in some idiosyncratic details.

DD> This is an understatement.  For every feature that maps one-to-one, it
DD> seems like there are a dozen idiosyncratic details that make it
DD> difficult to meet the POSIX requirements.  A large portion of Cygwin
DD> is devoted to these details.

    Well, we won't argue on precise number of details and level of
difficulty to work them around.

     Instead, I'll take chance to thank for installation changes in
new release. Don't know why it happened, but changes exactly how I
personally like to see it: per-application packaging and attentive
setup asking user for important things, such as root mount. I just
wonder whether it could be installed without running that setup at all
;-) Also, it's interesting how cygwin.dll behaves when run on new
computer: previous used to install default mount entry with root
mounted on window's drive. Of course, that's ungrounded and give
problems to any folks who prefer keep ms' oses and rest of soft on
different drives ;-) . Bad luck I have my inet connection broken and
have to sit and twaddle instead of take a look myself ;-(

Paul Sokolovsky, IT Specialist

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