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Re: net release setup: mount problem

> Since I don't know where you're looking, it's hard to guess.  The setup
> sources aren't in the latest/* since the cygwin tarball predates the
> existence of the program but they are available via CVS or in the
> snapshots.  The program is in the "cinstall" directory.

It's in src/winsup/cinstall/

> >BTW what is the license terms applicable to setup.exe? is it Cygwin
> >propriatary code, GPLed, freeware ?
> I haven't taken the steps to add any licensing information, since I'm
> not the original author.

Note that setup is a mingw program, but it happens to include a copy
of cygwin1.dll anyway.  Technically, it's GPL'd because of that, but
as we (Cygnus) are the copyright holders for cygwin1.dll, we can make
an exception in this case until we sync up the sources.  It also
contains a copy of tar.exe, which definitely is GPL, but whos sources
are in tar/tar-src.tar.gz.

> I'll just GPL it but allow modifications without any assignments
> whatsoever.

We'll have to either keep it in sync with the cygwin module, or
provide a setup-src.tar.gz in the top level :-)

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